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We know that you’re great at what you do, so why settle for a sub-par website? Give your business the greatness it deserves with a high-quality site that does the talking for you.

Affordable Website Services

Web Design For Tradesmen
Whether you have no online presence whatsoever or just want some slight alterations, you can be sure that we’re ready to take on the challenge.
To design a great website, we work closely with our clients so that we follow brand guidelines, understand the customer profile, and build something that impresses your customers.
To develop our clients websites, we build on the WordPress platform. This allows a lot of flexibility when it comes to customising a website to perform specific actions via plugins. Total build time varies depending on the size but it’s not impossible to build a small site within a week. If you have a website built on another platform, get in touch to see what we can do.
Every website we build is welcome to choose for our hosting package which can come with or without ongoing support (see below). If you haven’t already got one, we can set you up with a business email, too. Our hosting enables 30% faster page load times than other suppliers due to our bulk pricing.

For ongoing maintenance and suport check out our website packages here.

How We Create High Quality Websites

SEO Ready

Mobile Ready

Increase web traffic & accumulate more leads
Appeal to all web visitors for max results



Rest assured that your web stays protected with HTTPS
Load pages quicker to ensure that visitors stay for longer

Great Content


Display expertise & authority through informative content
Leverage automation to make your web more effective


Built For ROI

Make it easy for visitors to access information & convert
Strategically build trust to stimulate profitable actions

Engaging CTA's

Deep Research

Be direct and clear in CTA’s to spark intentful action
Have confident in a site backed by thorough market research

High Standards


Expect a high level of standard when working with us
Don’t confuse the reader by keeping things congruent

SEO Ready

Increase web traffic and accumulate more leads

Mobile Optimised

Appeal to all of your website visitors for maximum results


Rest assured that your web stays protected with HTTPS


Load pages quicker to ensure that visitors stay for longer

Valuable Content

Display expertise & authority through informative content

Backend Systems

Tie in marketing automation to make your web more effective

Great Navigation

Make it easy for visitors to access information & convert

Optimised To Sell

Strategically build trust, show benefits & direct action

Engaging CTA's

Be direct and clear in CTA’s to spark intentful action

Thorough Research

Be confident in a site backed by deep research & understanding

High Standards

Expect high levels of standard when working with KK Digital


Don’t confuse the reader by keeping things congruent

Successful Projects

CA Plastering Web Design By KK Digital Marketing Agency Stevenage
website design for plasterers and drywallers

Search Engine Optimised Website Achieving The Top Spot On Google

After a disasatisfying experience with his past web company, Danny – owner of CA Plastering – came to KK Digital for a new website.

We agreed to an affordable package including ongoing hosting support & SEO and then proceeded to build out the website.

The result?

A site that not only makes Danny proud but boosts his visibility & enquiries, thanks to his #1 ranking on Google (not counting the massive trade directories like Checkatrade).
web design agency stevenage
SEO agency stevenage hertfordshire

Web Design To Grow A Relationship Coaches Audience & Sell Courses

John initially sought our expertise to revamp his website.

We began by using the content that was present on his old site to trim down the length and deliver valuable information in more digestible sections, enhancing the overall navigation.

The website was built with consideration to his online courses that we facilitated so we also added lead magnets with automated sequences as a way to warm up visitors & build his email list.
SEO services hertfordshire

New Website Built From Scratch Placed #1 For AB Plumbing's Top Keywords

Adam is a highly skilled plumber & bathroom fitter delivering quality services but his brand perception was damaged by not having an online presence.

After a few chats, we built him a site designed with SEO & conversions in mind and now, his website ranks at the top of Google for his most relevant keywords.

Adam was that pleased with the service that he even let us do his Google ads.

Rank on Google & Generate Leads

Let’s face it, there’s no point in having a website if no one’s going to see it. You know just as well as we do that SEO is the key to organic traffic for your website which is why every website we build includes a detailed optimisation plan to follow.

How We Achieve This:

  • Keyword & Competitor Research (to get a deep understanding)
  • On-Page SEO (the content that builds your web pages)
  • Technical SEO (creating a strong backend for your website)
  • Off-Page SEO (showing Google that you’re a credible site)
  • Local SEO (to promote local businesses to local areas)

Go to our SEO page to understand how it can boost your business.

Why Choose KK Digital?

Reputable & Trusted

Our years of experience, completed projects, reviews & case studies are a testament to the quality of services we deliver.

Strategy Focused

Everything we do for our clients is backed by intentful strategy to make sure that you allocate your business resources efficiently.

A Team You Can Rely On

We’re skilled, hard working & ready to help. If you have questions, we’ll answer them. As a small business ourselves, you’ll be high priority.
Google Ads Certified Team
Wordpress experts
Google ads certified agency
google ads & search engine experts
Google Ads Certified Team
Google ads certified agency
Wordpress experts
google ads & search engine experts

How To Get Started

web design agency stevenage
CA Plastering Web Design By KK Digital Marketing Agency Stevenage
Online Course Hosting by KK Digital
JKN Electrical Website Design by KK Digital Marketing Agency in Stevenage
Web Design For Tradesmen
CA Plastering Web Design By KK Digital Marketing Agency Stevenage

It's Time To Pull The Trigger

We believe that “You get what you don’t pay for”…

By not taking action, the opportunity cost of NOT improving your online presence is damaging what your potential brand perception and lead flow could be.

You won’t just ‘buy a website’, you’ll acquire an asset that will continue to do the selling for you for years to come.

Ongoing increases in traffic & conversions will more-than-offset the worthy upfront cost of a high-performing website so pull the trigger now & take a step towards your goals.

On top of 24/7 accessibility where customers can find you whenever & wherever suits them, you also open yourself up to countless new business opportunities that wouldn’t have found you otherwise. Another bonus is that you look much more credible to 84% of your customers, making sales easier and it becomes effortless to build trust.

Most websites are built without strategy in mind, giving others an easier road to get more leads (though, it’s still not simple). Before building your website, you should plan out the goals of your website which, for most, is to persuade someone to ‘fill a form’, ‘enquire’ or ‘get in touch’.

Then, perform keyword research to understand the terms that your targets are typing into Google, before planning out the content to include on your page. Google promotes ‘people-first’ content higher in the search results which is why there’s good reason to provide value throughout your web pages.

With good content prepared, build a tidy-looking design & develop your website (you might want to hire a pro to do this… and maybe the rest of it too). It doesn’t have to be extremely fancy, just not clearly low-quality.

The more important components during web development is the on-page and technical SEO (plus local SEO if you’re a local business). Be strategic with the content shared throughout your website as you need to lead prospects towards the goal/action.

Think to yourself… what must customers see to take action?

  • Social proof to trust you (reviews, past projects, awards)
  • Clear display of expertise around the services you offer
  • Exceptional case studies to assure them that you can deliver
  • A lower barrier to entry than with your competitors
  • A clear path from their current undesired state to their goals
  • The least possible friction to fill the form or call
  • & more

All of this has to be considered during your website’s design & development, which is why we highly recommend you hire a professional. Yes, you could do it yourself. But what is your time worth? And how long would it take you to learn the advanced strategies needed to make a website worth anything to your lead generation efforts.

The way we see it at KK Digital, if you’re great at your services that you offer, why be mediocre in the online experience you provide.

If you deserve great, then you owe it to yourself to invest in an asset that’s only going to stay and grow stronger as it ages, generating more and more business, paying for itself multiple times over.

Mobile now accounts for almost 60% of all website traffic in the world. If this doesn’t scream the case for mobile optimisation, I don’t know what will.

Adding to this, websites are mostly built by a designer on a desktop. So whilst most of the time is spent trying to make the desktop pretty, mobile is usually an afterthought, creating loads of desktop-friendly sites and not so many mobile-friendly sites.

This is where you can get a clear advantage to snap up your competitors leads as customers bounce straight off mobile-unfriendly sites to find another.

To top all of this off, Google specifically stated that a website’s position in the search engine is ranked based on the mobile version of the website – called mobile-first indexing

“Katie & Will completely revamped my website . I’m totally blown away with the service! Nothing was too much trouble and they delivered every time. Highly recommend!”
Jamie Rodgers
Rodgers Decorating Services
“The service provided was impeccable. My website is brilliant & I’ve now been ranking on the 1st page of Google for ‘plasterer stevenage’ for the past year”
Danny Ambler
CA Plastering
“Had a great experience with Katie and the team so far. Got my website up and running in no time and finally got a back end system in place I can use. Kept up to date with my figures too, which is also a first.”
John Kenny
John Kenny Coaching

Your Questions, Answered

If all the content is ready and you know exactly what you want, it can be very fast (within a week). However, most of our clients would rather a little more upfront planning to nail the messaging & provide high quality content. This way, it could take a week of planning and more careful development. Obviously, the bigger the site, the longer it will take, but we may also rely on you to provide details or images also.

Depending on your requirements, you could be spending hundreds to thousands. For small businesses that want to showcase their services and generate leads, our prices would start from only £97 per month but if you just want a one page site for people to check you out, we can set you up a highly professional landing page from only £300. To see our packages click the link here.

Yes. Instead of silly monthly costs, we have a low-cost, high-quality hosting package and charge for support on an ad hoc basis. You can check out our support and maintenance packages here.

Our go to platform of choice is WordPress as the functionality and opportunity for API integrations is huge. However, we can work with your platform of choice if you have a preferrence.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss the options that will suit your requirements best.

When building any website, we focus on the core purpose or goal during planning to ensure that we attract the right type of traffic. After researching keyword data and what works well for your industry, we’ll incorporate high-level SEO practices into your website. Paired with ongoing SEO work, your dedicated strategy will be favoured by search engines and pushed to the top.
We’ll at least need to quiz you about your business and your goal so we know what the messaging & intent of your site should be. This way, you don’t need to worry about getting the wording right, you just answer some questions and we’ll do the rest.

As for images, your website will be far more professional and trustworthy with legitimate images so yes, send over whatever you’ve got. If you’re looking to get serious and increase your website performance & conversions, then it could be a good idea to hire a professional business photographer.

The only ongoing costs will be to host your site, your yearly domain registration, and any paid plugins/integrations that you use. We provide monthly support packages which you can view here.

Another consideration is that many businesses pay monthly for their own business email which we can provide free of charge.

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