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We’re not just passionate about data; we thrive on it!

And it’s this love for analytics and improvement that drives us to offer one of our most valuable services to our clients – the Mini SEO Audit.


Our Mini SEO Audit is designed to give you a comprehensive yet concise overview of your website's current SEO performance. It's like a health check-up, but for your online presence, pinpointing exactly what's working and what needs a tweak or two.


Because we believe that understanding your website should not be a puzzle. Our light report offers a clear picture of your site's search engine optimisation status, highlighting critical issues that could be hindering your online visibility.


Get a clear picture of how your website stacks up in terms of SEO. Understand the strengths and uncover the areas that need your attention.


From site speed to redirects, metadata problems to broken links - know the issues that could be affecting your site's performance and user experience.


Dive into your current keywords. Are they aligning with your goals? Are they reaching your target audience? Discover what you rank for and identify opportunities for growth.


SEO is an ever-evolving field. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. Staying ahead of the curve is crucial, and our Mini SEO Audit is the first step towards ensuring your website not only keeps up but stands out.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your website?

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless advised otherwise, your SEO report will be sent to you within 48 hours.

Our mini SEO report is currently available at the discounted rate of £49 (usual price £99), but don’t let the term “mini” deceive you. Despite its compact size, this report is bursting with invaluable insights and tailored recommendations, designed to propel your SEO strategy forward.

It’s an investment in your website’s future, offering a wealth of guidance and actionable steps to enhance your online presence.

Sure. Let’s see what issues the report provide and then you can book a free consultation to discuss the next steps.

We are based from our home office in Stevenage Old Town. So, if you’re local and reside in Hertfordshire we’d love to come and meet you!

Otherwise, if you’re further afield then we can catch up online! 

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