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Highly competitive, technical & boring… SEO is not for everyone. Luckily, our team is proficient & experienced in ranking websites higher in the SERP, resulting in high-intent traffic for our clients. Invest in yourself & own your traffic with a solid SEO strategy in place.

Affordable SEO Services in Hertfordshire

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As a business owner, you’ve probably heard of SEO. The problem is that SEO is so vast and nobody knows where to start. Here’s the key focuses that we use to optimise our client’s websites:
The first step to positive SEO changes is to have a deep understanding of where you are now. By getting a professional SEO audit, you instantly get insights on what to fix & what to improve. It will also allow you to strategise going forward. Please contact us if you’ve been contemplating SEO as we’ll provide an audit, free of charge, and walk you through it in plain English. That way, you can instantly start making valuable jumps up the search results without spending any money.
On page SEO is heavily focused on the content that you piece together to create your web pages. Whether it’s what your customers wont see (like alt text for images) or what they do see (very relevant & valuable content), KK Digital can support you to ensure you provide the best experience possible for your website visitors AND Google’s army of robots that are constantly scanning your website’s code.
Referring to the backend of a web page and your overall site, technical SEO allows us to improve your search engine performance by creating a better experience for your users. For example, a much faster website creates a better user experience, keeping customers on Google for longer, hence Google would rather promote that website. The same goes for site security and, most importantly, mobile friendliness. In fact, since mobile searches surpassed desktop searches in 2015, Google changed it’s ranking algorithm to prioritise better mobile sites (called mobile-first indexing).
With ‘off page SEO’, you are no longer making direct changes to your website. Instead, you’re focused on showing Google that your website is valuable and trusted in your industry by being present amongst a network of other relevant websites. Obviously, it’s a lot more complicated than this, but the theory behind it is that ‘highly authoritative’ websites publish content that links back to YOUR website in a contextual manner, giving a huge boost to your virtual reputation with Google. In other words, backlinks are key, and this is clear since position #1 on Google typically has 3.8x as many backlinks as position #2-10 (yes, that much).
If you only service a particular area, local SEO is crucial to get your website (and Google Business Profile) at the top of the search results when local customers are searching for what you’re offering. Even in small towns, your keywords could have thousands of search volume every month.

If your website was at the top of the search results (which benefits from a significantly higher amount of people clicking on it), then just imagine the daily in-flow of qualified leads that already trust you since you’re authoritative enough to be at the top of Google.

How We'll Improve Your Rank On Google

SEO Ready

Mobile Ready

Increase web traffic & accumulate more leads
Appeal to all web visitors for max results



Rest assured that your web stays protected with HTTPS
Load pages quicker to ensure that visitors stay for longer

Great Content


Display expertise & authority through informative content
Leverage automation to make your web more effective


Built For ROI

Make it easy for visitors to access information & convert
Strategically build trust to stimulate profitable actions

Engaging CTA's

Deep Research

Be direct and clear in CTA’s to spark intentful action
Have confident in a site backed by thorough market research

High Standards


Expect a high level of standard when working with us
Don’t confuse the reader by keeping things congruent

SEO Audit

Increase web traffic and accumulate more leads

Mobile Friendly

Jump past competition with a well-optimised mobile site

Secure & Fast

Satisfy customers & Google with a safer & quicker site


We install & connect all relevant technology to track progress

Valuable Content

Use Google’s E-E-A-T principle to provide quality content

Ongoing Content

Plan to continue building on the new benchmark for your SEO

Page Indexing

Submit sitemap & index pages to get found by Google

On-page Work

Optimise every page for little details (title tag, alt, image, etc)

Better Backend

Technical SEO that significantly improves web performance

Deep Research

Thorough keyword/competitor research for better decisions

Backlink Strategy

Analyse competition & devise a plan to increase your authority

Relevant Pages

Attract specific customers with highly relevant pages

Successful Projects

CA Plastering Web Design By KK Digital Marketing Agency Stevenage
website design for plasterers and drywallers

SEO For Plasterer Ranking #1 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Danny originally came to us to build him a new website. Throughout that process, it was agreed that SEO was a vital part of his ongoing strategy and should be incorporated to his site from the start.

We begun with thorough keyword & competitor research to get an understanding of what we should focus on. Then, with a strategic plan in place, we built the site, optimised for search engines.

The result?

Now ranking #1 for his main keywords, Danny’s site benefits from a reliable flow of qualified leads each month that already trust him becuase he’s at the top.
SEO services hertfordshire

SEO For Plumber, Achieving Rank #1 On Google in Sawbridgeworth, Herts

Adam quality of services is off the charts, but nobody could find him without an SEO strategy in place.

When building his site, we did SEO research and implemented the key factors that make the biggest difference.

The result?

#1 spot for his main keywords. Boom!

Adam was that pleased with the service that he even let us do his Google ads.

Take Ownership Of Your Lead Flow

8.5 billion Google searches are made daily. Hundreds of them, if not thousands, could be looking for exactly what you offer. You need to know how to position yourself as the solution to their problems to scoop up web traffic that could turn into revenue. The typical journey of a web surfer is as follows…

They Want What You Offer

81% of people search before buying a product or service. At this point, it’s your job to know what they’re thinking so that you can show up when they eventually search online.

They Search For It

99,000 Google searches are made every single second. When the search query matches the answers & content that your website provides, you’ll show up in the results.

They Click On Page #1-10

95% of searchers will never venture beyond page 1 of search results. For this reason, getting onto (and to the top of) page 1 provides a huge advantage over your competitors.

Why Choose KK Digital?

Reputable & Trusted

Our years of experience, completed projects, reviews & case studies are a testament to the quality of services we deliver.

Strategy Focused

Everything we do for our clients is backed by intentful strategy to make sure that you allocate your business resources efficiently.

A Team You Can Rely On

We’re skilled, hard working & ready to help. If you have questions, we’ll answer them. As a small business ourselves, you’ll be high priority.
Google Ads Certified Team
Wordpress experts
Google ads certified agency
google ads & search engine experts
Google Ads Certified Team
Google ads certified agency
Wordpress experts
google ads & search engine experts

Our Simple SEO Process

web design agency stevenage
CA Plastering Web Design By KK Digital Marketing Agency Stevenage
Online Course Hosting by KK Digital
JKN Electrical Website Design by KK Digital Marketing Agency in Stevenage
Web Design For Tradesmen
CA Plastering Web Design By KK Digital Marketing Agency Stevenage

Invest Now & Thank Yourself Later

High ROI Marketing

Think of SEO like property whereby you own your house rather than renting (like paid ads). This allows you to reap the benefits of your hard work for a much longer time, resulting in a typical ROI of 5-12x for SEO services.

The Best Time is Now

Since SEO takes 3-6 months to see results (dependent on competition), and 90% of businesses plan to integrate SEO since skyrocketing costs of living have tightened their marketing budgets, there is no greater argument as to why you should take action today. The other option is to sit back whilst the competition takes your customers out of your hands and places them into theirs.
  1. Increased Website Traffic: Rank higher in the search results to get more people to see your website.

  2. Higher Quality Traffic: SEO helps to attract people that are more likely to convert into leads & sales by targeting relevant keywords that indicate search intent.

  3. Better User Experience: Website content, structure, speed, security, mobile-friendly. These are all factors that give visitors less reason to leave your site. As a reward for keeping people on Google for longer, Google will rank you higher.

  4. Increased Brand Awareness: By ranking higher in search results, you‘ll increase your brand’s visibility and awareness, helping to establish your business as a trusted and authoritative source in your industry and local area.

  5. Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to other uses of marketing budgets, SEO can make big gains with smaller budgets in a shorter amount of time. Not to mention, SEO stays with you. Unlike paid ads, once your improvement are made, they’re free to keep and will continue to generate business going forward, even if your budget decreases.

  6. Improved Conversion Rates: Naturally, SEO will result in a much more relevant & higher performing website. This will end up increasing your conversion rate as web visitors become more inclined to pay for what you’re offering.

  7. Generates More Leads and Sales: Higher traffic, higher quality traffic & higher conversion rates, is the perfect recipe for a higher amount of leads and sales.

  8. Improves Credibility: Ranking on the first page of Google demonstrates credibility to prospective customers, which is a direct result of SEO efforts.

  9. Long-Term Results: High-quality SEO implemented for a brand’s website will have beneficial, long-term results, making it a valuable long-term investment.

The beauty of SEO is that there’s something for everyone. If you’re just starting out or doing 100m in revenue, there’s a space for some form of SEO in your marketing.

For companies that have almost mastered SEO and haven’t tried anything else, obviously there might be gains elsewhere. But for the majority of businesses that are small to medium sized and haven’t ever placed a huge focus on SEO, then it’s likely that they’re missing out on chunks of market share that their competitors are getting.

Some of the main reasons why SEO could be the best option for your business include:

  • Cost-effective: All of the investment you pump into SEO continues to improve your website for as long as it lasts. Whilst ads only work whilst you pay for them, SEO requires up front investment and then works for you. Because of this, the ROI of SEO efforts will only ever increase as time goes on, making it more & more of an effective strategy if you see your business lasting for more than a few months.

  • Long-term: Like stated above, SEO works for you for as long as your site stays live. If you plan to be in business for as long as possible (like most of us), then SEO will help to improve your future prospects as well as your current ones.

  • Targeted: Proper SEO strategy involves the necessary research to know your customer and market inside & out. From there, you’ll optimise your website to give the market what it wants (e.g. the content you publish). As a result, your website is fit for purpose to attract exactly who you want to attract, resulting in targeted traffic with the highest chance of buying your products or services.

  • Trust: Nowadays consumers are quite weary online as scams are unfortunately common. When they see you at the very top of page 1, instantly that disarms a customer and fills them with trust that they found you. As you gain trust, you develop a stronger brand image & a loyal customer base.
AI has become increasingly important for SEO agencies to adapt & become better. Whilst AI is extremely clever and always improving, the fact is that humans are always going to be the ones searching on Google, consuming content & paying for things.

Because of this, websites & search engines will always have to prioritise the human experience which is why SEO professionals have become even more important now to know: what to research, which emotions they can express and the thought process of humans.

AI will be used more & more as time goes on, but the trick is to know how to get the best results leveraging AI to do some of the heavy lifting, rather than letting AI doing all of it.

It could be a blessing in disguise for the marketing industry as you’ll get to easily identify who’s just copy & pasting an AI answer and who has put real thought into their website, connecting with the reader on a deeper level.
Short answer: Yes

Long answer…

You know your business best. If there is some other out-of-the-box method that works better for your specific industry and business model, then maybe there’s a better use of your budget.

However, for the majority of businesses, SEO is a gold mine (especially for those that haven’t placed much effort into it before).

Put simply, if your product or service is something that customers search for, then you’re missing out on revenue. You don’t even need thousands to see results.

Your best bet is to get an SEO audit, see where you can improve, and then go from there. That way, you can be certain that you tackle the highest return investment of your resources first & foremost.

If you already know SEO inside & out, or are willing to learn it, AND you have more time than money, then doing SEO yourself could be the right option.

The limitations of DIY include:

  • You could be unaware of what you don’t know about SEO

  • You underestimate how fast-changing SEO strategies are

  • You now take on the burden & stress of potential errors

  • You invest time to learn SEO, then to implement SEO, then to keep on top of the changes & uphold results

  • The opportunity cost of not working on other areas of your business

If you think these limitations would cause your business to be less efficient, then of course invest in a professional. There are options for every budget.

“Katie & Will completely revamped my website . I’m totally blown away with the service! Nothing was too much trouble and they delivered every time. Highly recommend!”
Jamie Rodgers
Rodgers Decorating Services
“The service provided was impeccable. My website is brilliant & I’ve now been ranking on the 1st page of Google for ‘plasterer stevenage’ for the past year”
Danny Ambler
CA Plastering
“Had a great experience with Katie and the team so far. Got my website up and running in no time and finally got a back end system in place I can use. Kept up to date with my figures too, which is also a first.”
John Kenny
John Kenny Coaching

Your Questions, Answered

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s visibility by ranking higher on Google and other search engines.

Every website has hundreds of variables that can be enhanced to make it more attractive to both readers and search engines.

The better your website is, the more likely it will rank higher. The higher it ranks, the more unpaid traffic you’ll receive, resulting in a high ROI investment generating tons of additional business.
SEO works by optimising each & every part of your website to deliver the most relevant and quality experience to visitors. This includes everything from the content you include to the speed & security of your website.

When the user experience is better overall, Google promotes your site because you’re helping to keep people engaged on their platform.

This is why you have to be attracting the right audience, which is why you also need to do thorough keyword, customer and even competitor research to ensure you’re giving your targets exactly what they want.
Our services tend to be all-encompassing to get results. They can include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO & SEO audits.

Since SEO is so vast, it would cost tens of thousands to master every aspect at once. We recognise that businesses have certain budgets they can afford to spend which is why it’s our job as skilled SEO providers to find out where you currently are and discover the biggest & quickest wins you can make.

We urge businesses to get in touch and we’ll run a free SEO audit which can instantly draw attention to the 20% of the changes that will make 80% of the results.
The annoying answer is ‘it depends’…

It depends on your current situation.

If you have a lot of bases covered already, then SEO takes longer because there’s fewer ‘quick wins’ to benefit from.

However, if you’ve never really touched SEO, then a few changes can cause dramatic improvements within a few days.

For example, if your website has awful content and is extremely slow, remedy it to a very high standard and you’ll see great results in a short time.

But if you have a well-designed site with quality content and a solid backend, then it will take months of producing content & building up authoritative backlinks to incrementally increase your rankings for different keywords that your customers are searching.
SEO can be done for all sizes of budgets.

Firstly, get a professional audit to see what can be done at what costs. This will give you a better idea of opportunities & costs.

For most small businesses with a typical website, our packages start at £400 per month and require a 3 month minimum contract. Once we talk with you and discuss your needs, you can get a better understanding of what would be best for you.
Every business benefits from increased revenue. If you sell physical products, you can drive traffic to your site to buy your products, increasing your revenue. If you provide services, you can attract intentful web visitors to become a lead & eventually turn into a customer of your services.

Without SEO, this traffic wouldn’t land on your page & wouldn’t turn into YOUR customer.

Yes, you may get offline traffic, but if you want to grow sustainably, decrease the cost/effort to attain a customer and outdo your competitors, then online traffic (hence SEO) is a non-negotiable.
If your website is rank 1 for a competitive keyword, you can be sure that you’re doing something right. As keywords become more obscure and unpopular, it becomes much easier to rank.

But – to keep the answer simple – if the search traffic is highly profitable, then it WILL be harder to rank. Even in this case, no website is perfect and there’s no reason why your website can’t beat the leaders with the right team behind you.
Our clients benefit from clarity & communication as we keep them up to date with results, strategies & upcoming plans.

Most importantly, whilst other seo agencies ask you to fit within a specific ‘package’, we take a detailed look at your business & current state regarding SEO. From there, we’re able to build an offering to suit you and get a much better return on your investment.

Additionally, we’re always on hand to answer your questions and discuss your requests.
The end goal is more revenue but to attribute it to SEO we need to track the amount of revenue solely from your website, the amount of organic traffic to your website and then compare it to SEO specific metrics to see if there’s correlation (which there should be unless you became TikTok famous).

The most relevant ‘SEO specific metric’ is where you rank for different keywords. And where you rank also depends on the on-page, technical & off-page metrics, especially your ‘domain authority’ which is related to the amount of quality backlinks you have.

For all of these complex measures of SEO success, our clients benefit from our SEO tool that keeps track of all of the above and more.

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