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Save Time, Add Value & Exploit Opportunities

Take advantage of a new way to increase your KPI’s. Business owners tend to forget how valuable their time is and waste it on low value tasks that can be easily automated. Even with client communication, you can maintain a personalised approach completely hands-free.

Simple ROI-Multiplying Functionalities

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Marketing automation is the secret weapon that successful companies use to outwork & outperform their competitors. Whilst one company scrambles to complete mundane tasks, another focuses on higher-leverage tasks that bring results. Overall, our services aim to:
We can take a look at what you or your team are currently doing (and potentially wasting time on) that could be automated. From here we can explore the tools that provide the necessary functionality to relieve you of your burdens. Some examples of this would be manually updating your pipeline, doing outreach, or following up with leads.
If you absolutely had to improve your marketing, you would know of at least 1 extra action you could make. The problem is that – for almost every business owner – it’s too exhausting to wear all the hats. By using automation, you can afford to do EXTRA marketing, providing ADDITIONAL value, all whilst doing the same work, or less.
Unknown Unknowns prevent business owners from capitalising on marketing automation. When working with KK Digital, you benefit from our specialised know-how and we’ll suggest profitable alterations to your process that you didn’t know was possible.

Automation & AI Capitalises On...

Your Pipeline

Missed Calls

Manage leads with ease via automation
Never let missed calls lose you leads

Staff Tasks


Assign tasks based on specific triggers
Use AI in your outreach to get more work


Follow Ups

Let AI save you time to research leads
Never forget to follow up with prospects

Lead Magnets

Lead Nurture

Build a quality list of leads on auto-pilot
Get maximum value from leads by nurturing

Lead Management

Manage your pipeline with ease by automating each step

Missed Calls

Salvage every sale opportunity by engaging unanswered leads

Staff Tasks

Automatically assign tasks based on specific triggers


Generate enquiries at scale with AI-powered outreach


Cut the time it takes to know who you’re talking to

Follow Ups

Never forget to follow up using consistent sequences

Lead Magnets

Build a quality list of leads with trust in your business

Lead Nurture

Get the most value out of each lead with long term nurture

Successful Projects

Powerful Automations To Drive John Kenny Coaching's Ecosystem

Whilst building John’s new & improved website, we incorporated automation to provide better functionality and user experience.

We set up a sequence for each lead magnet claim in order to send out the value and update the CRM all on auto-pilot. Additionally, we facilitated John’s online courses including the automation required once a new sale has been made. Finally, we also set up a newsletter template and necessary flows related to his email marketing.
JKN Electrical Google Ads Services Hertfordshire

Automation To Boost Google Ad Results For JKN Electrical

After building JKN Electrical’s website, we begun to build out their google ads strategy. As busy professionals, we needed to consider time-saving techniques leading to better results.

Instead of including a basic form on the landing page with leads ending up in some long-lost inbox, we came up with a better solution. Each lead that filled the form triggered an automated workflow that sent the exact details of the enquiry direct to JKN’s email. We even have the option to send the details direct to their personal messages, or trigger an app notification from our CRM.

Overall, this allows for faster responses, resulting in more jobs won.

The Engine Driving Growth

Hit Your Targets

Considering marketing automation prevents wasted resources & generates extra productivity, it’s no wonder that 91% of marketers agree that it helps them to reach their objectives.

But still, a lot of businesses haven’t tried to implement or looked into implementing marketing automation for themselves. We’re looking to fix that by facilitating the necessary system to grow your business.

Why Choose KK Digital?

Reputable & Trusted

Our years of experience, completed projects, reviews & case studies are a testament to the quality of services we deliver.

Strategy Focused

Everything we do for our clients is backed by intentful strategy to make sure that you allocate your business resources efficiently.

A Team You Can Rely On

We’re skilled, hard working & ready to help. If you have questions, we’ll answer them. As a small business ourselves, you’ll be high priority.
Google Ads Certified Team
Wordpress experts
Google ads certified agency
google ads & search engine experts
Google Ads Certified Team
Google ads certified agency
Wordpress experts
google ads & search engine experts

Our Simple PPC Process

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CA Plastering Web Design By KK Digital Marketing Agency Stevenage
Online Course Hosting by KK Digital
JKN Electrical Website Design by KK Digital Marketing Agency in Stevenage
Web Design For Tradesmen
CA Plastering Web Design By KK Digital Marketing Agency Stevenage

Automate Inputs. Enjoy Outputs.

Build Your Automated Infrastructure

The benefit of marketing automation services is that it can take just a few small changes to make massive differences. We believe that every business deserves quick wins like these, which is why we’re prepared to analyse your process & implement automation for you. Just contact us or book a call to get the ball rolling.
  1. Efficiency: Automates repetitive tasks, allowing the marketing team to focus on more strategic activities.

  2. Marketing and Sales Alignment: Simplifies the process of converting leads aligning other departments like sales.

  3. Increased Conversion Rate: Delivers relevant & timely content to leads, increasing the chance of a conversion.

  4. Accurate Reporting: Provides accurate reporting, helping to spot bottlenecks in your processes.

  5. Personalized Marketing: Enables the ability to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

  6. Lead Nurturing: Aids in warming leads so that the sales team can concentrate on leads that are ready to convert.

  7. Data Management: Gathers valuable data that can be used to qualify leads and make informed marketing decisions.

  8. Scalability: Allows for repeatable marketing processes, laying a foundation upscale your business.
“Katie & Will completely revamped my website . I’m totally blown away with the service! Nothing was too much trouble and they delivered every time. Highly recommend!”
Jamie Rodgers
Rodgers Decorating Services
“The service provided was impeccable. My website is brilliant & I’ve now been ranking on the 1st page of Google for ‘plasterer stevenage’ for the past year”
Danny Ambler
CA Plastering
“Had a great experience with Katie and the team so far. Got my website up and running in no time and finally got a back end system in place I can use. Kept up to date with my figures too, which is also a first.”
John Kenny
John Kenny Coaching

Your Questions, Answered

Marketing automation refers to the use of software & technologies to automate repetitive marketing tasks and effectively market across multiple online channels.

It allows businesses to streamline lead management activities, better coordinate marketing campaigns, nurture leads, qualify leads to determine their likelihood to convert and much more.

By implementing marketing automation, businesses can increase their productivity and save themselves from the laborious effort of performing low-skilled repeatable tasks.
Think of your current processes and every single touchpoint along the way. One of your processes could be:

Networking -> Follow Up -> Arrange Meet -> Follow Up -> Close

Whilst that ‘process’ is still very basic and you can expect a lot more touch points in real life, the idea is that automation can help you increase the KPI’s at each step…

  • Instead of remembering to follow up, input their lead details into your ‘networking followup’ pipeline which will automatically send a series of follow up messages until you get a response.

  • Decrease the % that don’t show up to calls by automating meeting reminder 24, 6 & 1 hour before the meeting.

  • Close more sales by automatically drip-feeding high-value content after your meeting such as relevant case studies or helpful lead magnets.
  • Our marketing automation services vary massively between customers as there is lots that can be automated with lots of different tools out there.

    Put simply, any low-skill, repeatable task can be automated.

    This could be sending out emails, managing leads, assigning tasks, sending templated messages, drip-feeding content, following up, responding to leads, managing newsletters.

    Get in touch so that we can take a look at what your processes are. That way, we can give a more bespoke answer to you with actionable insights on how you can save time, add value, or take advantage of new opportunities.

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