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John Kenny Coaching

Website Design For A Relationship Coach To Grow An Audience & Sell Courses

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Find Out How We Built An Online Base To Attract Leads To A Coaching Program & Email List

"Had a great experience with Katie and the team so far. Got my website up and running in no time and finally got a back end system in place I can use." - John Kenny

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About John Kenny Coaching

John Kenny Coaching is ran by John Kenny (believe it or not), a multiple-award-winning relationship coach based in Hertfordshire.

John has years of experience with incredible testimonials. To add to this, he has written a book, created multiple courses, filmed a documentary and even runs a podcast!

What Did John Kenny Coaching Need?

We were thrilled to have been contacted by John to help with his digital marketing. His needs were vast so we’ve split the work into the web design and then the backend processes we implemented for his online courses, automation & email marketing.

John’s previous website was all over the place with loads of quality content but poor navigation & overall design. Because of this, a new website was more than a necessity which is what we started to work on first.

Working With KK Digital

As John has a tonne of content, step one consisted of amalgamating all content, resources & media in one place whilst simultaneously understanding the main goals that John wanted his website to achieve.

From here, our team had a deep awareness of the website’s proposed layout & structure ahead of its development, even creating multiple charts to lay out the overriding strategy before jumping straight in. By doing this, the development process was organised and streamlined, with the end result coming to fruition in a great time-frame.

Unlike other simple websites, we took it a step further to create landing pages, photos, and back-end automation to host multiple lead magnets on the site too, as a way to grow a targeted email list and later up-sell his courses.

The End Results

The finished website included built in device responsiveness and SEO practices being followed on every page. Since launching his site, John has seen an increase in web visitors, with multiple browsers claiming lead magnets & buying his courses. In the last month alone, clicks have risen significantly to triple what they were last month (see pic below). Simultaneously to this project, we also set up his online courses, implemented custom automations & configured his newsletter.

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