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"Had a great experience with Katie and the team so far. Got my website up and running in no time and finally got a back end system in place I can use." - John Kenny

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About John Kenny Coaching

John Kenny Coaching is ran by John Kenny (believe it or not), a multiple-award-winning relationship coach based in Hertfordshire.

John has years of experience with incredible testimonials. To add to this, he has written a book, created multiple courses, filmed a documentary and even runs a podcast!

What Did John Kenny Coaching Need?

John had originally come to us as he realised he needed an improved website. After some meetings, we quickly concluded that, on top of the stunning new website we made for him, there was so much more that we were capable of that met his needs & could improve his business.

As he sells courses, has sales assets & needs to attract eyeballs, we knew that we could bundle everything into one affordable package to cut out the costs of various software that he was previously using. As a result, we decided to host his courses on the Grafty system, set up and manage his newsletter, and bring it all together with incredibly useful automated functionality.

Working With KK Digital

As this was a sizeable project, it was important to accumulate all materials that would eventually be required right at the start. From here, we built out Johns online courses and configured the back-end of his domain to setup a new ‘members’ platform where customers needed a login to access their purchase. Because of this, we also engineered an automated sequence whereby new customers get a personalised checkout email to welcome them and share their necessary log on details (all on autopilot).

Similarly, other automations were created to verify email addresses and tag new contacts that claimed any of Johns lead magnets, eventually sending them the asset they redeemed. Both of these sequences were followed by a check up email at least a week later, related to the course they enrolled in or the lead magnet they claimed. Of course, this allowed Johns email list to grow which led us to configure his email’s DNS records & email template to ensure high deliverability & professionalism in his monthly newsletter.

The End Results

All of this work resulted in a great site, backed by valuable lead magnets, selling quality courses on a bespoke members platform, marketed through a professional newsletter and powered by automation. Once everything came together, it was rewarding to see that John immediately begun to sell his courses and grow his email list further.

With consideration to the complexity of this entire project, there was tricky tech & painful moments where we just had to work it out, but we did it, and now John Kenny Coaching owns a solid system of advanced digital operations to empower his valuable skills.

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