JKN Electrical

Professional Website To Impress Potential Customers & Contractors

Find Out How We Helped JKN Electrical To Establish An Impressive Digital Platform To Wow Their Potential Customers & Contractors

"Katie was able to fulfil every request without any hassle and has been there the whole way through for any questions we've had. Perfect service!" - Kwade Gonsalves

JKN Electrical Website Design by KK Digital Marketing Agency in Stevenage

About JKN Electrical

JKN Electrical is a Hertfordshire-based team of talented electrical engineers providing quality services to homeowners and businesses.

As an NICEIC accredited team, they uphold high standards and we are proud to have worked with them on their new site and their google ads campaign.

What Did JKN Electrical Need?

Before working with KK Digital, JKN Electrical was lacking an online presence completely. This meant that potential customers couldn’t find more information about the company and its services without going out of their way to call.

Undoubtedly, this added friction limited enquiries and – if anything – took credibility away from JKN. For these reasons, they 100% agreed that they needed a smart & professional website to inform potential customers of their services and high-level qualifications (PLUS, an easy way for customers to find them and enquire for their services was paramount).

Working With KK Digital

The first steps we took were to hone in on the branding, content, media & tone of the website as a whole. This ensured that the perception displayed through their site matched their unique style & empowered them to confidently be able to share their new digital real estate.

From that point on, simple & easy Whatsapp communication meant that our team could crack on with the work, ocassionally checking-in with JKN to double check that they were happy with the work.

The End Results

By the end of the project, the team at JKN Electrical were very pleased to be portrayed by a striking website that relayed important information and the character of their business to potential customers & contractors.

The cherry on top was the added lead flow and time saved by providing an online avenue to read more about them and get in touch.

JKN Electrical’s new website also proved to be a suitable stepping stone to start their effective google ads campaign.

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