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How We Generate A Consistent 20+ Leads Each Month For This Herts-Based Electrical Company

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About JKN Electrical

JKN Electrical is a Hertfordshire-based team of talented electrical engineers providing quality services to homeowners and businesses.

As an NICEIC accredited team, they uphold high standards and we are proud to have worked with them on both their google ad campaign and their new site.

What Did JKN Electrical Need?

With a new website and capacity to take on more work, the team at JKN Electrical wanted us to deliver hot leads so that they can make sales.

For their industry, customers tend to search for trades companies online and so Google search Ads was – without a doubt – a necessity, so we agreed to go ahead.

Our plan was to create hyper specific ads based on a few keywords each related to a landing page with various different ads. This way we can test easily and have more relevant yet higher performing ads (in theory).

Working With KK Digital

We followed our plan to a T. In fact, we also went into JKN’s website and made an array of location & service specific pages to ensure ad relevance was as high as it could be. In theory this was great, but in practice, after a few weeks of testing, we recognised that Google didn’t have enough data from the hyper-focused (hence very small sample sized) ad groups and so we choose to pivot into a more generalised approach. After this change, calls & form fills began to increase to an impressive level.

Another notable component is that the forms we used on the website are high intent as a considerable amount of information is requested, creating highly qualified, hot leads in the pipeline.

Then, in August, KK Digital redeemed a ‘free ad account review’ from one of the top PPC companies in the world. The suggestions made were implemented and, after allowing Google some time to get back up to speed, we are already surpassing where we was to higher monthly conversions.

The End Results

The whole campaign has been a balancing act between spending the budget wisely (on converting keywords) and still bidding highly enough to get seen & make the efforts worthwhile. This is why higher budgets are preferred as you can afford to bid appropriately, gather data exceptionally fast, and still see significant results.

Since the leads are all highly qualified, JKN Electrical have been very satisfied to have a predictable amount of hot leads that are constantly lining up to pay for their services.

As facts and figures are concerned, conversions have gradually increased from 1 in month 1 (when most of the data collection occurs), to 12 in month 2 and then gradually up to an average of 25 per month within 6 months. Due to the heavy optimisation performed at the end of August, September dipped to 14 conversions (similar to the low amount in month 1 whilst gathering data) but we expect to return and surpass the previous ceiling.

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