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Short cut your way to instant traffic through paid advertising. The beauty of ads is that – as long as your ad spend returns a profit – you can justify allocating more budget. This way, you don’t feel the pain of upfront investment because you benefit from the immediate returns.

Affordable PPC Services in Hertfordshire

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‘Pay-per-click’ advertising is the art of buying popular space on online platforms to market yourself. Businesses spend anywhere from £100 per month to Amazon’s meaty Google ad spend of £16.7m every single month. We focus on the following types of paid ads:
If you already have an ad account and have run ads before, get in touch for a full audit of your campaigns – free of charge – so that we can give you an indication of where you can save more money. Of course, we’re looking to wow you with insights that you’ll choose us to manage your ads going forward. This way, you benefit from our specialised expertise and full attention to get the most out of your ad spend.
Advertising on Google has such a low barrier to entry. Anyone can set up an ad account and start spending money. But don’t be fooled! Google makes it easy to run smart campaigns but without a professional setting up the account, completing thorough research and implementing a proper strategy, you’ll be throwing money down the drain instead of multiplying it. Before working with us, most of our clients tried to run ads themselves and wasted a lot of their time & money. Like our clients, be wise and invest in the profitable management of your PPC campaigns.
Similar to Google ads, anyone can ‘boost post’ and call it Facebook ads management. At KK Digital, we dig deep into advanced configuration of ad campaigns to give you the highest possible control of your budget (rather than just letting Zuckerberg steal it). When done correctly with a well though out strategy, Facebook ads can really serve as a valuable tool where more money in pumps more money out. If it’s something that you’ve been considering, book a call with us & we’ll dive into exactly how ads could work for your business.

How We Achieve Great ROI With PPC

Account Audit

Deep Research

Analysis of current advertising strategy
In-depth keyword & competitor insights


Track Data

Leverage consumer behaviour in your ads
Measure performance & see conversions



Organise campaigns for efficiency
Advertise to people that will convert



Tailor your copy to your target audience
Catch eyes with videos & images

Landing Page


Create quality pages to convert visitors
Turn conversions into revenue on auto-pilot

Sales Tips


Enhance performance with expert strategies
Test & refine for improved results

Account Audit

Comprehensive analysis of your current advertising strategy

Deep Research

In-depth keyword & competitor analysis for effective campaigns


Leverage consumer behaviour to create compelling ad copy

Track Data

Measure the performance of your campaign & conversions

Account Structure

Well organised account & campaigns for maximum impact

Ad Targeting

Precise audience targeting to reach customers that convert


Persuasive ad copy tailored to your target audience


Eye-catching ad creatives, including images & videos

Landing Pages

Custom pages optimised for conversions & user experience


Turn your ad conversions into real revenue on auto-pilot

Sales Tips

Expert strategies to enhance your campaign performance


Ongoing testing & refinement to improve ad performance

Successful Projects

FB Ads for VVS Valet Returns 133 Leads In Just 7 Days

Before working with us, Jake tried the ‘boost post’ feature on Facebook & Instagram in the hope of gaining visibility and generating leads. Unfortunately, he didn’t see much results.

Jake came to KK Digital to let us have a look at his current strategies & see what could be improved. We worked out what his goals were and put together a plan for success.

On day 1 of publishing VVS Valet’s ads, we saw 14 conversions. If this wasn’t impressive enough, Jake ended up benefiting from 133 conversions in a 7 day period.
JKN Electrical Google Ads Services Hertfordshire

Google Ads For JKN Electrical Yields 25+ Hot Leads Each Month

Initially, the team at JKN consulted KK Digital to build their website. After being happy with their website, they looked to expand their marketing efforts to include paid ads.

It was agreed that they should focus on capturing high-intent search traffic by utilising Google search ads. We set up their ads, targeting, tracking & more then launched the campaigns.

Results crept up to around 25 conversions per month, but after some recent optimisations, we’ve managed to surpass 25 achieving a cost-per-lead close to £20.
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Google Ads For AB Plumbing Achieves A 7.61% Conversion Rate

After building AB Plumbing’s website, Adam was happy with our quality of service and enthusiastic to also use PPC in his marketing.

As we were working with what was initially a small budget, we focused on super-targeted keywords, ads & demographics so that we had as much control as possible over how the money was spent.

Adam was pleased with the results and even phoned us up to mention that 1 of the jobs paid for more than his entire investment.

Search. Click. Convert.

PPC isn’t about setting up some ads and hoping everything clicks. A proper strategy should consider your business goals & reverse engineer them all the way back to what your customer would be thinking before they start searching for your services. We want to plan out the customer journey in order for ads to resonate with people at every single step & increase the KPI’s.


When a prospective customer searches for your product or service, you will appear in the search results if their query matches your keyword.

KPI = Impressions


Once your ad is shown in the search results, you rely on the wording of your headline to attract interest and result in a click to your landing page.

KPI = Click-Through-Rate (CTR)


Now that you captured a high intent search and gained their interest, your landing page must show them enough to get them to take action and convert.

KPI = Conversion Rate

Why Choose KK Digital?

Reputable & Trusted

Our years of experience, completed projects, reviews & case studies are a testament to the quality of services we deliver.

Strategy Focused

Everything we do for our clients is backed by intentful strategy to make sure that you allocate your business resources efficiently.

A Team You Can Rely On

We’re skilled, hard working & ready to help. If you have questions, we’ll answer them. As a small business ourselves, you’ll be high priority.
Google Ads Certified Team
Wordpress experts
Google ads certified agency
google ads & search engine experts
Google Ads Certified Team
Google ads certified agency
Wordpress experts
google ads & search engine experts

Our Simple PPC Process

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CA Plastering Web Design By KK Digital Marketing Agency Stevenage
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JKN Electrical Website Design by KK Digital Marketing Agency in Stevenage
Web Design For Tradesmen
CA Plastering Web Design By KK Digital Marketing Agency Stevenage

Profit From Targeted Traffic ASAP

Buy & Keep More Customers

By putting yourself in front of traffic that wants what you’ve got, you’ll gradually expand your customer base. We like to take it a step further and put the systems in place to ensure you retain & build loyalty with those customers. Better yet, they could end up referring you to others.

Gain Valuable Data to Compliment Other Marketing

One things for sure, numbers never lie. This is so beneficial as you can efficiently analyse the relationships between your messaging & your PPC performance. Due to constant optimisation, you get a lot of data… fast… which allows you to replicate what works throughout your overall marketing message (throughout your brand strategy, website, social media, content, sales argument & client communication).
  1. Measurable, Cost-Effective Results: Detailed analytics allows for accurate tracking. Plus, cost-effectiveness is evident as businesses only pay when a user clicks on their ad, providing precise budget control.

  2. Targeted Advertising With Immediate Visibility: Small businesses can target their exact audience based on keywords, location, demographics, and time, ensuring highly qualified leads.

  3. Flexibility & Agility: PPC campaigns can be quickly adjusted in real-time, providing flexibility for small businesses to adapt to market changes, leverage trends & control their ad placement.

  4. Brand Exposure & Local Targeting: PPC increases brand visibility in search engine results, even if users don’t click on the ad, creating brand exposure over time. Local businesses benefit further from the ability to only show ads to people in their area.

  5. Competitive Advantage: Small businesses gain a competitive advantage with paid ads by short-cutting their way to visibility, allowing for competition with larger companies in their industry.

  6. No Need For SEO: PPC is not dependent on SEO or algorithmic changes, providing you with a consistent marketing channel.
“Katie & Will completely revamped my website . I’m totally blown away with the service! Nothing was too much trouble and they delivered every time. Highly recommend!”
Jamie Rodgers
Rodgers Decorating Services
“The service provided was impeccable. My website is brilliant & I’ve now been ranking on the 1st page of Google for ‘plasterer stevenage’ for the past year”
Danny Ambler
CA Plastering
“Had a great experience with Katie and the team so far. Got my website up and running in no time and finally got a back end system in place I can use. Kept up to date with my figures too, which is also a first.”
John Kenny
John Kenny Coaching

Your Questions, Answered

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) is the process of buying ad space on popular platforms so that you can get your product or service seen by potential customers.

There’s hundreds of ways you can advertise online with PPC but the main 2 are Facebook ads & Google ads.

The goal is to create an amazing ad and use very precise targeting so that you get the best possible results once your ad gets seen.
Different types work in different ways:

Facebook ads requires you to create your ads, ad copy and set up your targeting using ‘audiences’. From there, Facebook will serve your ads to those audiences.

Google search ads also require you to create great ads & set the targeting. But you also need to provide a list of keywords to target and choose how much you’re willing to spend when people click your ads.

The main difference being that Google helps you to capture high-intent search traffic whilst Facebook helps you get seen by people that could be interested in what you’ve got to offer. Both can be highly effective if done correctly.
We provide account audits, Google ad services & Facebook ad services.

What matters most is that we don’t just set up your ads & leave it there. We focus on fully-rounded strategies to boost KPI’s along the entire sales process.

It’s important to set up ads well for low costs & highly targeted traffic, but we also focus on exceptional landing pages (for conversions), automations (to book more calls and save you time), and sales enablement (to increase the bottom-line revenues).

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