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Migration & Optimisation Of An Existing Site

Find Out How KK Digital Migrated & Optimised ADS Document Storage’s Existing Site To Eliminate Previous Faults

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Professional Web Optimisation & Migration Services

About ADS Document Storage

ADS Document Storage is a relatively new company that specialises in the storage of documents, especially digital storage & retrieval services. Lisa, the owner, has decades of experience in the document scanning & storage industry and is looking to exploit digital opportunities where businesses can save a considerable amount of resources.

ADS Document Storage is a sister-company to Archive Document Scanning, who also needed their website migrated & optimised which you can read about here.

What Did ADS Document Storage Need?

Lisa & Clive (who is the owner of Archive Document Scanning) first contacted KK Digital because of troubles with their website that they couldn’t quite pinpoint. Since ADS’s new site was a cloned version of Archive Document Scanning’s existing site, there was a presumption that a potential backend fault had been carried over. For this reason, both Lisa & Clive were enthusiastic to allow KK Digital to go into the backend, troubleshoot any issues & maintain each site going forward.

Working With KK Digital

We started work by requesting all of the necessary accesses & logins required for the job, then migrated the WordPress websites onto our servers ready to troubleshoot and optimise.

Instantly, our team was overwhelmed with the amount of various plugins with few that were any use. An example of the mess was 2 different page builders being installed, meaning that some blog posts looked smart whilst others had no image, title or design. Aside from the backend tidy up, we also optimised the website’s front end so that navigation was much more streamlined, pages were interlinked, and calls to action were clear.

With the site migration came the need to move across Lisa’s email accounts which, after a few intimidating button clicks, eventually moved over successfully leaving us to instruct her on how to reconnect her account to the devices/apps she uses.

The End Results

Eventually, KK Digital had successfully performed the website migration, website optimisation & email migration for ADS Document Storage. Now, Lisa can be confident in her site with a team she trusts to manage it like it was their own.

Since working with Clive & Lisa, we have agreed to perform ongoing SEO work to rise up through the search results so keep an eye out for their following case studies.

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